The Bravery Cafe – By Miss Tam Chiak

After exploring The Tiramisu Hero and Windowsill Pies for Pickat’s Cafe Guide, we decided to take a break at another nearby cafe called “The Bravery”. It is easy to miss this place because there is no signage! And seriously, when I looked at the cafe front, my first question was, “How to open the door ah?”
Opened by the folks from The Plain, the interior of The Bravery Cafe is so sparsely furnished with uneven surface of walls, tables, strings of bulbs extend from the ceiling and a golden horse right in the middle. The menu has a plenty of brunch favourite choices, ranging from toasts, sandwiches and all-time favourite poached eggs.
The staff recommended Lavender Latte ($5.50) so some of us gave it a try. Quite unique, a cup of latter with hint of floral notes. The lavender is not very overpowering.

I’m a sucker for waffles lah, pancakes lah, crepes lah… and The Bravery’s Pancakes Stack ($15) hits the bulls eye. Fluffy and moist pancakes with sweet banana toppings, sprinkled with some pistachio and a generous helping a maple syrup. #THISISLIFE I took my shots quickly and savour the pancakes with my friends before it turned cold. We added another $3 for honeycomb which to me was a waste of money because I am happy just eating the pancakes as it is. The honeycomb was too sweet for my liking. But never mind, next time when I come back here, I will skip that.

Raunchy Eggs ($14) is an acquired taste because of its Mediterranean flavours. Just like when I need some time to get used to having cumin in my dishes. Anyway, it came with a pile of shredded cabbage on a soft tortilla shell, two sunny side-ups, a side of spicy beans and anchovies. There is a crunchy in the texture between the crunchy raw cabbage and the smooth and creamy yolk. Some of friends find it too exotic because of the spicy beans and anchovies, but I thought it was a rather unique combination when eaten altogether.

What better way to start a beautiful Wednesday than with a cup of cappuccino ($4.50)? At the Bravery.