The Bravery CAFE

The Bravery Café is a Muslim-owned café located in Lavender. The café along with the military-styled logo showcases a bold effort to cater not just to the mainstream youthful crowd but also mainly for expats and hard workers to use the chill vibe to conduct casual meetings and make a conducive work environment. Other than great coffee, the café also serves brunch items and new main course for dinner service that just started in February. The café boasts of nice, warm ambience following the rustic design and dim lighting. What is even better is that the café is equipped with charging ports and free WIFI making it a great space for those who want to work while enjoying its signature Lavender Latte.

Here’s also where you find a comfortable space for your little get-together, birthday and other celebrations. Look through our gallery to see the different events we have catered and hosted.

Work & Study At THE BRAVERY Cafe

The Bravery Cafe boasts of its laptop-friendly cafe in Singapore with free WIFI and powerpoints to charge laptops and phones provided in the cafe. With the recent decrease of such cafes in Singapore, The Bravery is one of the few to allow our student customers to study while boosting their mental capabilities with a healthy menu and great coffee. 

The Bravery Cafe has also been an alternate office for freelancers and self-employed adults whom prefers a more relaxed environment accompanied with aromatic coffee to boost their productivity.

Our cafe is open everyday (except Tuesdays) for you to study and work in a conducive environment. If you’re looking for a cafe that you can easily use your laptops, tablets or other electronic devices to work or study at, The Bravery cafe is definitely a great choice. 

The Bravery Cafe is an ideal place for small events like birthday parties and even private weddings! We have hosted many private events throughout the years. If you’re looking for a private space with great food, feel free to enquire more. We are open to ideas on decorations and menu to help you execute the event exactly the way you dream of. Don’t be shy and approach us for a thorough discussion. 

Look Through Our Event’s Gallery


Like every other cafes in Singapore, The Bravery Cafe takes pride in the coffee we make from the baristas we hire down to the beans we use. Therefore our coffee beans is nothing but the best. Allpress coffee beans are aromatic and crafted to perfection.

Allpress boast of its lively and full bodied coffee with distinct caramel flaours. It has beans from Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala and Sumatra. 

The Sumatra and Brazil provide the base of the blend. The Colombia and Guatemala provide its chocolate and caramel flavours and are the primary sources of acidity. 

Our coffee, like all Allpress coffee in Singapore, is Carmelo. A medium roast coffee with lively acidity to provide balance when combined with milk, yet not be sharp as a black coffee. Primary flavours of caramel and cocoa are noticeable in this blend. 


Since The Bravery encourages customers whom study and work in the cafe, we have a loyalty program designed specially for our regulars. 

If you are as much as a coffee lover as we are, The Bravery’s loyalty programme will help you increase your savings! Instead of having a loyalty cards with stamps, we keep track of our customers by email. There is NO membership fee or hidden costs!

How it works: 

1. Purchase 10 coffee upfront so you save the hassle of paying for them each time you visit our cafe. 

2. Get 2 coffees for free! 

Our staff will keep track of your orders and update you via email before you run out of coffee. Coffees are redeemable 2 months after date of purchase.